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  • Nov252013
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    The Podium Moment

    Before the school board meeting started, over 30 community members, including 25 students, had signed their names on a list for public commentary. On the school board agenda this is called “Right to Be Heard”. These individuals were here to share their thoughts on the Providence Public School District enrollment problems. The district is looking […]

  • Nov252013
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    2012-2013 Annual Report

    We are extremely excited to share our Generation Citizen 2012-2013 Annual Report. Click here to download our PDF and read below for an introductory letter from Executive Director, Scott Warren. Dear Friends, It would be a little bit trite to say that Generation Citizen is in the midst of finishing an incredibly busy year. Over […]

  • Nov122013
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    Stacking the Building Blocks of Change

    Walking into the Mary Lyon Pilot High School on a chilly October morning brought back many familiar—albeit, long forgotten—memories of my own high school experience. The linoleum tiled floors, corridors decorated with students’ work, and characteristic classroom decor featuring maps, posters, inspirational texts, and heavy-duty plastic furniture put me right back in the secondary education […]

  • Nov082013
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    “Extending Toward Infinity”

    I was originally introduced to Generation Citizen in 2011, when my wife connected me to Scott Warren, GC’s founder and Executive Director.  Scott spoke passionately about observing elections in Kenya alongside his father, a US diplomat, and realizing in this experience that active participation is how one gains a zeal for civics.   I had been […]

  • Nov072013
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    Just Pass the Damn Ball

    One basketball game during my senior year of high school, I was dribbling the ball down the court, leading my team on a fast break.  I looked right, looked left, looked right again, and then finally passed.  Having taken way too much time to review each option in front of me, I threw the ball […]

  • Nov052013
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    (Creating) The Amazing Race

    There are lots of important and drama-filled campaigns underway in NYC, from those of Borough Presidents to District Attorneys. Our mayoral primary race was like watching those contests on the screen at baseball games – one clear front-runner at the beginning, confusion and jockeying for the lead in the middle, and then a surprise breakaway […]

  • Nov042013
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    GC Students at Highlander Charter School Meet Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

    One of the reasons I love teaching middle and high school is the ability to “keep things real” with my students. To listen to them dive into current national and global issues, supporting their opinions, opposing others’, realizing the impact these events can and often do have on their own daily lives here in lil’ […]

  • Oct282013
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    Why Should GC Grow?

    For a number of reasons, scale is on Generation Citizen’s collective mind right now.  As we head into our fourth year, and have programs operating in four sites, the question of how to expand our programming is becoming more pressing, and will be the leading topic of conversation in an upcoming Board of Directors meeting.  […]

  • Oct242013
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    An Open Letter to Democracy Coaches…

    Dear Exhausted-But-Diligent Democracy Coach, I know. I get it. I remember waking up in a dark room, rising before the sun did. My roommate groaning at my blaring alarm, crawling deeper under his covers as I eat my Cinnamon Toast Crunch and review the day’s lesson plan. My eyes mere slits until I get my […]

  • Oct222013
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    “It’s Like Introducing Sushi to Bahawalpur”

    “It’s like introducing sushi to Bahawalpur.” I was having lunch at my friend’s house when her dad and I started talking about work, politics and the civics program I’m working to introduce to Pakistani schools. A mere three months in development were enough to explain his wariness of implementing a foreign idea here in Pakistan. […]

  • Oct182013
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    Is it Possible to Be Positive About our Government?

    It’s been a difficult few weeks for our old American government.  From the two-week shutdown to the continued debt ceiling brinksmanship to the disappointing rollout of the Obamacare website, it is hard to find anyone that is positive about the direction of our political system.  The rest of the world vacillates between poking fun at, […]

  • Oct112013
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    Breakdance for Democracy: DC Alumni Profiles

    Kids from urban neighborhoods in Boston don’t often find themselves at prestigious colleges such as Brown, but Aiyah Josiah-Faeduwor did.   He was born in West Virginia, but spent most of his life in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, where almost half of all families earn less than $25,000 a year. When he got to Brown University, […]

  • Sep302013
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    Reflections on Democracy Coach Training

    On September 21-22nd, GC’s newest cohort of Democracy Coaches in four program sites participated in a training workshop to prepare for the start of the school year. Below, Director of Programming Meghan Trombly reflects on the experience in a letter to the Fall 2013 Generation Citizen Democracy Coaches. Dear Generation Citizen Democracy Coach, Dragging oneself […]

  • Sep262013
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    Humble Non-Profits?

     This weekend, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni described the characteristic he most admires in Pope Francis: humility.  Specifically, Bruni noted that Francis’ tone and demeanor often reveal a man who recognizes that he does not know everything, and cannot presume to preach that of which he is not certain.  Bruni goes on to, somewhat […]

  • Sep192013
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    The Exceptional American Democracy?

    This past Tuesday, New Yorkers took to the polls after a hotly contested primary race to determine the two standard-bearers in the upcoming general election. After a high drama campaign, infused with way too much sexual scandal and way too little substance, it was actually little surprise when Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio emerged as the […]

  • Sep042013
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    Walking the Walk

    We profess to be a great many things. Our nation claims to be a beacon of representative democracy, a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Yet, Generation Citizen exists because sometimes what we say we value doesn’t always match reality. So then we either reconsider our values, though in this case […]

  • Aug282013
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    Launch of National Action Civics Collaborative

    National Action Civics Collaborative Launches Campaign to Energize and Improve Youth Civic Engagement Today, six organizations from around the country launched an effort to energize and improve youth civic engagement in America.  Calling on Americans to reinvigorate civic education through “Action Civics,” they offered practical resources for educators interested in bringing action civics to their […]

  • Aug272013
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    Incorporating Voices: A Modern Jeffersonian Meal

    Last week, Generation Citizen Board Member Robert Flanders hosted a “Jeffersonian Breakfast” inspired by the dinners hosted by Thomas Jefferson back in the early days of our Republic. Jefferson would invite 10 friends to Monticello to discuss a set topic, which could range from politics to philosophy to archeology, to hear the personal experiences that […]

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