The Student Leadership Board is a team of middle and high school program alumni that supports our efforts to learn from our students’ experiences, better support alumni civic leadership development, and elevate student voice in the democracy education field.

Student Leadership Board Members 2016-2017

The Board is currently comprised of 11 young people ages 14-20 who are Generation Citizen program alumni and represent each of GC’s regional program sites. Members dedicate two hours per week to Board activities and receive a stipend for their year of service.


adalberto-trujillo_ny_slb_-recoveredAdalberto Trujillo | Guttman Community College
Representing: Bronx, NY
Grade: College Sophomore
Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences

“We need young leaders to take action to make a change in their community. With the power of their voice, and actions, anything is possible.”



lexi-tesch_ca_slb-recoveredAlexandria (Lexie) Tesch | Berkeley High School
City: Berkeley, CA
Grade: 9th grade

“We are the voices. We are the future. We are the change makers. Together we can work on improving our government and our country, one step at a time.”



arnab-sikdar_ny_slb-retouchedArnab Sikdar | Baruch College
Representing: Queens, NY
Grade: College Sophomore
Major: Accounting and Pre-Law track

“It doesn’t take high-powered men and women to make a difference. Anyone can make a difference in their community.”



ashley-lopez-dishmey_ma_slb-recoveredAshley Dishmey | Lowell High School
Representing: Lowell, MA
Grade: 12th

“Generation Citizen helped me learn that we have to work towards the change we want. It has impacted me personally by helping me realize I want to be a leader to make needed change.”



carla-dueren-capellan_ma_slb-recoveredCarla M. Duran Capellan | Middlesex Community College
Representing: Lowell, MA
Grade: College Freshman
Major: Criminal Justice

“Our communities should prioritize developing young leaders because we are the voice of tomorrow. We have to teach young kids how the politics work.”



fernando-garcia_ri_slb-retouchedFernando Garcia | Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex
Representing: Providence, RI
Grade: 11th

“Everyone’s opinion matters, without political participation this country would not be as free as it is now because our voices wouldn’t be heard.”



laila-dola_ny_slb-recoveredLaila Dola | High School For Health Professions and Human Services
Representing: Queens, NY
Grade: 9th

“We all have a leader inside of us, and it is time that you take out that leader inside of you and put it out there in the world because the world is in need of your leadership. Don’t hide anymore. It’s time that you come out and take over. It’s time for a change!”



madeline-johnson_ca_slb-recoveredMaddie Johnson | Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
Representing: San Francisco, CA
Grade: 9th

“We have to prioritize teaching young leaders how to make positive differences in our communities. We will not always be able to rely on elder age groups to keep our democracy running, which is why it is important to have strong civics education.”



rebeca-pereira_ma_slb-recoveredRebeca Pereira | Malden High School
Representing: Malden, Massachusetts
Grade: 10th

“Today’s youth are taking charge of civic engagement and if we are invested, we can make America’s future much brighter because what we do now will affect what happens in the future.”



serenity-hall_ca_slb-recoveredSerenity Hall | Encinal High School
Representing: Alameda, CA
Grade: 9th

“During my semester with GC I have learned to advocate for what I believe in and stand against what I think is wrong. I also learned how use my voice to make changes in my community.”



skyliya-briggs_ri_slb-recoveredSkyliya Briggs | Highlander Charter School
Representing: Providence, RI
Grade: 10th

“I joined the Student Leadership Board because I thought I could make an impact on youth voice in my community and school. I want to let them know that they have their own voice and ideas to make change in a constructive way.”


Generation Citizen will begin taking applications for the 2017-2018 Student Leadership Board in the Spring of 2017. 

"Today's youth are taking charge of civic engagement and if we are invested, we can make America's future much brighter. What we do now will affect what happens in the future." Rebeca - Malden, Massachusetts

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