A Lesson on New York State’s Constitutional Convention

September 21, 2017

Attention Educators: We Have Lesson Plans on the New York State Constitutional Convention!

A large portion of New York voters do not understand or even know, about the 2017 Constitutional Convention ballot measure and the potential consequences of the vote.

To both ensure a more informed electorate, and to also engage young people in this important state political procedure, Generation Citizen has created a 2 Lesson Package for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

This lesson package is nonpartisan, approaching the upcoming vote from a historical perspective, while also providing the pro and con perspectives for students. The goal of these lessons is for students to:

  1. Become informed about this process;
  2. Make a personal decision on the matter; and
  3. Be motivated and able to inform their communities about the process.


Download the Lesson Plans!

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