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  • May162013
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    Being a Good Citizen…and a Good Person

    Fron a speech I gave at this year’s Civics Days: My speech today was going to be about the theme of Generation Citizen, the notion of being an active citizen.   The notion of working in your communities, using the democratic process, to make change.  To make things better.  This, after all, is what you did […]

  • May022013
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    DCs of the Month

    Looking back at April, a big month for us at GC as classes go deep into taking action, we’d like to recognize the following Democracy Coaches for their empowering work and dedication. NEW YORK DC OF THE MONTH: RINA KATTAN, STUDENT AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY   What brought you to GC? After Rocky Solomon, a former […]

  • Apr252013
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    My Obsession With The West Wing

    I was biting my nails to see if President Bartlet would run for a second term or not.  I cling to each word of Sam Seaborn’s speeches. I am definitely a Josh Lyman and Donna Moss fan.  I am with CJ Cregg each time she steps up in front of the press corps.  I did all of these […]

  • Apr222013
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    Redefining American Power

    One of the most fun parts about traveling, for me, is learning about other nations’ image of the United States. They range from the amusing (nobody uses plastic bags for grocery shopping, only blank brown paper bags) to the alarming (nearly everybody in Texas walks around with a gun in his or her back pocket). […]

  • Apr192013
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    Boston is not Powerless

    Everyone in Boston feels pretty powerless right now. We are stuck inside our homes. We can’t take the T. We can’t go to work. We can’t get a coffee. We don’t know if we are safe. As the Boston manager of an organization that specializes in empowering the powerless, I have a few thoughts about our powerlessness […]

  • Apr182013
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    It’s Up to Us to Save Congress

    Being the Executive Director of a non-profit that prides itself of non-partisanship, I take care to never be overtly partisan or political in public spaces, like this blog.  But I am pretty pissed off about Congress voting down the gun control bill.  And, actually, I think it is completely a non-partisan issue.  Universal background checks […]

  • Apr142013
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    Disparate Leadership

    Disparate Leadership A few weeks ago, at a conference for Draper Richards Kaplan Fellows, we were asked to define our own leadership styles.  We were then told that if we really wanted to know what we were like as leaders, we should ask our employees, who would have a better sense of our strengths and […]

  • Apr132013
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    The Introverted Leader

    As the Executive Director of a non-profit, I spend most of my days with my “game-face” on. I manage, and attempt to motivate, our team, I attempt to impress potential donors, I give speeches. I smile, I laugh, I engage. And then, at the end of the day, I’m utterly exhausted, and there’s nothing that […]

  • Apr072013
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    What Stresses You Out?

    I think that my job is stressful.  And I think that too many social entrepreneurs are not honest and open about how this stress manifests itself.  For a variety of reasons, the “myth of the social entrepreneur” has emerged, tying itself essentially to the passionate, incredibly hard-working, charismatic individual that will do whatever they can […]

  • Mar302013
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    Talking About Money

    When I first started Generation Citizen, as a senior at Brown, my primary concern with making it a full-fledged non-profit was fundraising- I had no idea how to do it, and the concept seemed terrifying to me, especially in the midst of the financial collapse.  The only reason that GC got off the ground (and […]

  • Mar262013
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    Challenges of Consensus

    Working at Generation Citizen has been, by far, one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. This is the first time I have ever had an opportunity to teach in a classroom, which is extremely helpful for my chosen field of education. I enjoy going to see my students every session and hearing […]

  • Mar252013
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    March DCs of the Month

    Time to introduce our March Democracy Coaches of the Month! BOSTON DC OF THE MONTH: PETER PETRIN, STUDENT AT NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY What brought you to GC? I originally found the Generation Citizen model appealing based on my interests in politics and service. I also found myself seeking opportunities to better understand the issues and challenges […]

  • Feb072013
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    February DCs of the Month

    To kick off the start of the term, we are excited to announce our February DC’s of the Month in each of our three operating sites. Read on to meet these outstanding college volunteers.  BOSTON DC OF THE MONTH: ABBY RIDLEY-KERR, STUDENT AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY What brought you to GC? I first found GC during […]

  • Oct172012
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    Nadia’s Law Part 3: It Launched!

    Skepticism “There’s nothing we can do to change these problems.  They are never gonna change.” “Man, if Martin Luther King had thought that, where do you think we would be?” –       An interchange between two GC students at the start of the GC program, Fall 2012 As Generation Citizen launches our fall and yearlong programs […]

  • Aug202012
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    “I cannot get enough…”

    Democracy Coach applications are up and running and we encourage you to apply right away! In recognition of application season, here is something from the archives – a piece written last spring by Lindsay Adler of Boston University: “I am about to graduate as a sociology major, political science minor from Boston University. Ever since I […]

  • Jul232012
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    “Nadia’s Law” Part 2

    “Nadia’s Law” Part 2: Democracy in Action “I was at an event at the State House that was put together by an organization by the name of Generation Citizen. And it was their Civics Day.  And I heard a student, a young lady named Nadia from Boston Arts Academy talk about the need for recycling […]

  • Jun252012
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    A firsthand perspective

    In February, I was sitting in dorm at Northeastern considering the perennial question facing college freshmen: what should I do during my first college summer? Travel, beach days, and getting to all those unfinished books on my shelf were immediately on the list, but I also wanted to do something meaningful, to put my energy […]

  • Jun202012
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    “We should call it Nadia’s law”

    On May 11th, at Generation Citizen’s Civics Day, Boston Arts Academy student Nadia Issa spoke to the crowd of 300 students, teachers, and elected officials about the need for a structured recycling program in her school. A few months prior, at the beginning of her GC semester, Nadia and her classmates had noticed the lack […]

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