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  • Feb232018
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    Our Students Respond to Parkland

    A message from Julian and A’niya, Generation Citizen’s Student Leadership Board Members There are no words to atone for the tragedy of 17 youth lives lost within a school’s walls. But we wanted to offer you all our thoughts. On behalf of Generation Citizen and our Student Leadership Board, our hearts go out to the […]

  • Feb212018
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    Resources for Educators Addressing the Parkland Shooting

    Last week, amidst a terrible tragedy, we were reminded that schools are places that fundamentally foster hope. We at Generation Citizen have grieved along with the rest of the nation, both shocked and saddened to live in a country in which shootings at schools have become all too commonplace. But even in a time of pain […]

  • Feb152018
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    We’re Hiring a Web Manager and Graphic Designer- Freelance Consulting Position 

    Generation Citizen Web Manager and Graphic Designer – Freelance Consulting Position  About Generation Citizen Generation Citizen (GC) is an innovative, quickly scaling nonprofit that envisions a country of young people working as active and effective citizens to collectively strengthen our American democracy. GC’s ultimate mission is to ensure that every student in the United States […]

  • Feb142018
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    GC finds a new partner for civics education in NYC City Hall

    Generation Citizen applauds Mayor de Blasio for prioritizing democracy reform, including civics education, in his State of the City speech tonight. Nationwide, political disillusion, disengagement, and illiteracy are rampant across all age demographics, especially in local politics. These challenges are especially pronounced among young people. Nationally, only 8 percent of 18–24-year-olds voted in the 2014 […]

  • Feb122018
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    Beyond Free Speech

    Beyond Free Speech A Civic Sermon for Noisy Times By Molly Cohen, Rhode Island Program Manager   In January, I traveled to Seattle for four days of training as an inaugural member of Citizen University’s Civic Seminary. The program brought together eleven civic leaders from across the country to learn the traditions of American civic religion and […]

  • Feb092018
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    We’re Hiring a Chief of Staff

    Generation Citizen: Chief of Staff Generation Citizen (GC) is looking for a dynamic, motivated relationship-builder and leader to serve as its first Chief of Staff.  The primary responsibilities of the Chief of Staff will be to provide critical, high-level support to the CEO and COO, serving as a trusted advisor and resource as well as the […]

  • Feb052018
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    The Next NYC Schools Chancellor Must Address the City’s Stark Civic Engagement Gap

    The Next NYC Schools Chancellor Must Address the City’s Stark Civic Engagement Gap by DeNora Getachew, New York City Executive Directorand Erin Garry, Assistant Principal at the Bronx Academy of Letters and member of  Generation Citizen’s Local Advisory Board On January 14, 2017 the New York Times published an editorial “Some Bright Hopes for New […]

  • Feb012018
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    Action Civics Landscape

    Generation Citizen, in partnership with The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), has launched The Action Civics Landscape, a digital, interactive visualization of Action Civics and Action Civics-adjacent organizations. About the Map: Action Civics is defined by the National Action Civics Collaborative as “a student-centered, project-based […]

  • Jan182018
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    Call for Papers: ​Re-Imagining a 21st Century Democracy

    Re-Imagining a 21st Century Democracy is a pilot journal that will crowd-source ideas on how to improve democratic practice from a citizen-centric perspective. We are looking for new ideas on ways that communities can engage individuals in democracy and promote democratic behavior and values, whether through educational practices, grassroots mobilization, government initiatives, or other means (largely […]

  • Jan112018
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    What We’re Reading

    Happy New Year! Every few weeks, GC picks out a selection of articles that are relevant to our work and to the civics education space as a whole. We at GC love to expand our learning in every aspect of what we do, and we hope you enjoy our selections! Teaching Civics in a Hyperpartisan Climate, Education […]

  • Jan112018
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    Generation Citizen (GC) is excited to announce that, as of January 1st, Kunal Modi is the new Chairperson of the National Board of Directors. As we enter into an ambitious three year strategic plan, we are thrilled that Kunal will help lead the organization to the next level as it seeks to transform the way […]

  • Jan082018
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    CALLING ALL GENERATION CITIZEN EDUCATORS JOIN THE MEETUP AND FIND SUPPORT AND RESOURCES FOR TEACHING ACTION CIVICS THIS SEMESTER PURPOSE An Action Civics project can be challenging both for the students and the teacher. It requires a lot of planning and preparation by everyone involved and the implemented lessons and activities are often different than […]

  • Dec282017
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      As 2017 comes to a close, we are grateful to Generation Citizen students, teachers, Democracy Coaches, and supporters for another tremendous year of growth and impact. Watch this video to see how many of you helped advance action civics education this year.

  • Dec242017
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    We’re Hiring a Program Associate for the Teacher-Led Program

    Generation Citizen New York City Program Associate (Teacher-Led) Position Overview Generation Citizen New York City is looking for an exceptional young professional to join our team as New York City Program Associate. The Program Associate will work directly with teachers and youth to support Action Civics programming in New York City classrooms. About Generation Citizen […]

  • Dec222017
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    College Ready: Hunter College Democracy Coach Exposes GC Students to University Life

    Democracy Coach, April Snape, Shares Her Howard University Experience with Generation Citizen Students Serving as a Generation Citizen Democracy Coach, from the Hunter College Chapter, in the fall of 2017 gave me the platform and voice to not only help students learn the importance of being civically engaged, but to aid them in becoming college-ready. […]

  • Dec202017
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    Generation Citizen Launches New Action Civics Programming in San Diego, CA and Camden, NJ

    Generation Citizen’s Juanita Montes de Oca, Manager of National Program and Curriculum Development, and Sarah Andes, Director of Programming, with Cooper’s Poynt School teacher Erin Garrity and U.S. Wiggins College Preparatory LAB Family School teacher, Larry Livingston, in Camden, NJ. Generation Citizen Launches New Action Civics Programming in San Diego, CA and Camden, NJ New […]

  • Dec112017
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    Kaira Watts-Bey, Generation Citizen Student, Shares Public Testimony on the Importance of Action Civics and Diversity in Schools

    On December 7, 2017, Generation Citizen NYC student, Kaira Watts-Bey, submitted public testimony to the New York City Council’s Education Committee. Here she explains her experience in a Generation Citizen class and how it empowered her to address the issue of diversity in New York City public schools. Read on!   Testimony by Kaira Watts-Bey […]

  • Dec082017
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    Generation Citizen Selected as Grant Recipient by the Texas Bar Foundation

    For Immediate Release: Friday, December 8, 2017 Contact: Meredith Norris mnorris@generationcitizen.org 512-914-4812   Generation Citizen Selected as Grant Recipient by the Texas Bar Foundation   AUSTIN, TX (December 7, 2017) — The Texas Bar Foundation has selected Generation Citizen as a grant recipient for its work “Growing Young Civic Leaders in Central Texas.” The support […]

  • Aug052013
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    Direct Democracy in California: Meaningful Civic Engagement?

    Before I moved here, all I really knew of Golden State politics was Arnold Schwarzenegger, marijuana and Proposition 8. In my first semester as a graduate student at Cal’s Goldman School of Public Policy, my understanding of the political landscape—specifically the effects of direct democracy—increased immensely. I worked with a group of my classmates to […]

  • Jul312013
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    Can Philanthropy Save our Educational System?

    Peter Buffet’s recent op-ed, “The Charitable Industrial Complex”, has been rocking the interwebs since its publication Saturday.  His basic but harsh argument, that philanthropy is essentially preserving the status quo while causing small blips of success that allow the wealthy to feel “heroic,”  has some people praising him for finally speaking truth to power, while others […]

  • Jul252013
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    Gee(k), I love politics!

    “I’msuchahugefan! It’ssonicetomeetyou! I’vebeenafanofyourclimatepolicyforsolong!  MayIbeacompletedorkandgetaphotowithyou?”  As I gushed, I’m pretty sure it all came out in one long word.  Senate Candidate Ed Markey was very kind, saying it was nice to meet me too, and obliged me with a picture.  After the fact, Christina, our New Sector Fellow in the office this summer, assured me that […]

  • Jul252013
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    Introduction from RI Program Associate

    My name is Emily Flower and I’m joining Generation Citizen as the Rhode Island Program Associate. From a young age I was surrounded by civic influences. I woke up early everyday to watch a re-run of The West Wing with my dad before work and would follow my mom to community meetings after school. The […]

  • Jun212013
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    Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls

    I’ve been on “vacation” in Ecuador almost two weeks now, and it’s largely been great.  I’ve been able to do a ton of hiking, some horseback riding, some rafting, and some reading.  But along the way, I have not done a great job of letting go of work.  At all.  Part of this is that […]

  • Jun132013
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    Let’s Have an Identity Crisis

      In the midst of a trip throughout Ecuador, re-connecting with the country where I graduated high school, I had the opportunity yesterday to speak at my high school, Academia Cotopaxi, addressing a mix of 6th-10th graders. My speech consisted of two main themes.  The first focused on Generation Citizen – the reason I created it […]

  • May162013
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    Being a Good Citizen…and a Good Person

    Fron a speech I gave at this year’s Civics Days: My speech today was going to be about the theme of Generation Citizen, the notion of being an active citizen.   The notion of working in your communities, using the democratic process, to make change.  To make things better.  This, after all, is what you did […]

  • Apr252013
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    My Obsession With The West Wing

    I was biting my nails to see if President Bartlet would run for a second term or not.  I cling to each word of Sam Seaborn’s speeches. I am definitely a Josh Lyman and Donna Moss fan.  I am with CJ Cregg each time she steps up in front of the press corps.  I did all of these […]

  • Apr222013
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    Redefining American Power

    One of the most fun parts about traveling, for me, is learning about other nations’ image of the United States. They range from the amusing (nobody uses plastic bags for grocery shopping, only blank brown paper bags) to the alarming (nearly everybody in Texas walks around with a gun in his or her back pocket). […]

  • Apr192013
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    Boston is not Powerless

    Everyone in Boston feels pretty powerless right now. We are stuck inside our homes. We can’t take the T. We can’t go to work. We can’t get a coffee. We don’t know if we are safe. As the Boston manager of an organization that specializes in empowering the powerless, I have a few thoughts about our powerlessness […]

  • Apr182013
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    It’s Up to Us to Save Congress

    Being the Executive Director of a non-profit that prides itself of non-partisanship, I take care to never be overtly partisan or political in public spaces, like this blog.  But I am pretty pissed off about Congress voting down the gun control bill.  And, actually, I think it is completely a non-partisan issue.  Universal background checks […]

  • Apr142013
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    Disparate Leadership

    Disparate Leadership A few weeks ago, at a conference for Draper Richards Kaplan Fellows, we were asked to define our own leadership styles.  We were then told that if we really wanted to know what we were like as leaders, we should ask our employees, who would have a better sense of our strengths and […]

  • Apr132013
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    The Introverted Leader

    As the Executive Director of a non-profit, I spend most of my days with my “game-face” on. I manage, and attempt to motivate, our team, I attempt to impress potential donors, I give speeches. I smile, I laugh, I engage. And then, at the end of the day, I’m utterly exhausted, and there’s nothing that […]

  • Apr072013
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    What Stresses You Out?

    I think that my job is stressful.  And I think that too many social entrepreneurs are not honest and open about how this stress manifests itself.  For a variety of reasons, the “myth of the social entrepreneur” has emerged, tying itself essentially to the passionate, incredibly hard-working, charismatic individual that will do whatever they can […]

  • Mar302013
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    Talking About Money

    When I first started Generation Citizen, as a senior at Brown, my primary concern with making it a full-fledged non-profit was fundraising- I had no idea how to do it, and the concept seemed terrifying to me, especially in the midst of the financial collapse.  The only reason that GC got off the ground (and […]

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