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To lead change we must first teach it—and you can help make it happen.

Our democracy is not about one vote every four years. It is about actions we each take every single day.

This moment in time presents a unique challenge and opportunity for Generation Citizen and requires us all to do more. The National Board of Directors would like to raise the bar and increase the fundraising goal for this campaign to $150,000. In turn, they will match you dollar-for-dollar. 

Beyond the Ballot is an initiative of Generation Citizen to turn the unprecedented negativity and frustration caused by the 2016 presidential election into meaningful and passionate participation. We want to begin a path to rebuild the foundations of our democracy. Our initiative is meant to teach, inspire, and empower the next generation to engage with—and lead—the political system.

To lead change, we must first teach it. This election season has demonstrated that Generation Citizen’s mission is more relevant now than ever.

In the coming year, Generation Citizen will provide 9,000 students with the tools to make change in their lives and communities by influencing local policy makers and leave their classrooms with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to be lifelong political actors. It takes about $2,500 to provide action civics to a classroom, a first step to a stronger future democracy.

With your support, together we can have a tremendous impact.


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