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“I care about social change for the better. I care about teaching. I care about the community which I grew up; and to put it simply, I care about people. Generation Citizen and becoming a Democracy Coach enabled me to pursue all of these things I care about while preparing a group of young people to spread those passions and put them to real use.”

Generation Citizen (GC) Democracy Coaches (DCs) are much more than college volunteers.

DCs are dedicated and energetic leaders who are committed to extending their learning and influence beyond their college campuses, as they spend a semester or more coaching students in utilizing their own voices to drive civic change.

“Generation Citizen has been the toughest, most rewarding thing I have done since starting college.”

Apply Now to be a Democracy Coach

What is a Democracy Coach?                    

Democracy Coaches are local university students or young community members (18- 25 years old) who support middle and high school Action Civics classes. As a Democracy Coach, you will help guide students through a semester-long advocacy project.

What is the role of a Democracy Coach?                

Democracy Coaches mentor middle and high school students in their community, serve as experts on local issues and resources, coach youth on self-advocacy, and guide youth through government structures.

What is the commitment to become a Democracy Coach?

Generation Citizen classes run from September-December and February-May. As a Democracy Coach, you will spend approximately 2-3 hours per week in the classroom serving as a near-peer mentor for students and supporting small group work. Outside of the classroom, Democracy Coaches usually spend an additional 1-2 hours per week supporting research.

What are the benefits of becoming a Democracy Coach?          

As a Democracy Coach, you will learn about local politics, community issues, and real-world advocacy while connecting with elected officials and community leaders. This is an opportunity to gain valuable leadership, mentoring, and community organizing experience. Moreover, GC Staff are here to support you … we hope your experience as a Democracy Coach is rewarding and impactful!


Apply Now to be a Democracy Coach

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