Teacher-led Model

Generation Citizen’s ultimate mission is to ensure that every student in the United States receives an effective action civics education. Thus, to further our mission, in addition to our core offering, GC works directly with teachers and administrators to support them in leading action civics in their classrooms and on their campuses.

We offer preliminary training and ongoing support to teachers interested in implementing our action civics curriculum in-house without a Democracy Coach.

Workshops and guidance span the following topics:

Introduction to GC and Action Civics

We provide an in-depth walk-through of the GC curriculum, approach and semester timeline for all teachers implementing our action civics curriculum.

Civics Day Prep

We advise teachers in hosting a successful end-of-semester celebration and platform for student projects, a critical component of the GC curriculum.

Democratic Classroom Pedagogy

We believe that carefully facilitated student-centered instruction helps give voice to students. We support teachers in creating a democratic classroom environment, conducive to building civic motivation and efficacy.

Action Planning Expertise

We offer support to teachers as they drive the movement of their students’ action plans. This includes sharing resources for research on existing and developing legislation and campaigns on the class’ chosen topic.

Local Government Guidance

We are on-hand to help teachers confidently navigate the inner workings and structures of local government, as students’ action plans often dive into the intricacies of city agencies, legislative committees, and more.

School-Wide Partnerships

We aim to work with every student in a grade level and shift away from individual classroom partnerships, ensuring that Action Civics becomes integral to a school culture.

Want more information on implementing the Generation Citizen action civics curriculum in your school or classroom? Visit Become a Generation Citizen Teacher for more details.