The Student Leadership Board is a team of middle and high school program alumni that supports our efforts to learn from our students’ experiences, better support alumni civic leadership development, and elevate student voice in the democracy education field.

Student Leadership Board Members 2017-2018

The Board is currently comprised of 14 young people ages 14-20 who are Generation Citizen program alumni and represent each of GC’s regional program sites. Members dedicate two hours per week to Board activities and receive a stipend for their year of service.


Adalberto Trujillo | John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Representing: Bronx, NY
Grade: College Junior
Major: Computer Science & Information System

Working with the Generation Citizen community made me realize that my passions matter, that my voice matters and that I can make a difference by using it.”



Alexandria (Lexie) Tesch | Berkeley High School
Representing: Berkeley, CA
Grade: 10th grade

Even as youth, we have a voice in this world that will be heard. If you really want something to change, you can change it, because change starts with you, no matter how big or small the issue is.”



A’niya Bankston | Oakland Technical High School
Representing: Oakland, CA
Grade: 9th grade

“Youth leaders need to use their voice to demand change in their community. With just our voices, we can become changemakers, and not only advocate for our community, but also better our society.”



Annie-Jo Dickens | Colorado River Collegiate Academy
Representing: Balstrop, TX
Grade: 10th

“There are always going to be issues within our communities. For this generation, it’s time for the youth to advocate for themselves and speak up and reach out to solve these issues.”



Cedrine Brisson | Malden High School
Representing: Malden, MA
Grade: 10th grade

“Our communities and country should prioritize young people because we have something to offer. We are the future and our voices need to be heard.”



China Yang | Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex
Representing: Providence, RI
Grade: 12th

Change can occur anywhere, anytime, and you are never too young to fight for what you believe in.




Derris Garner | Graduate of Southeast High School
Representing: Oklahoma City, OK
Future Plans: Attend University of Central Oklahoma and join the U.S. Marine Corps

“Young leaders need to be civically engaged so we can give youth the voice they deserve and help fix what’s broken in the system.”



Emily Larcher | Baruch College
Representing: Queens, NY
Grade: College Freshman
Major: Political Science

“GC taught me that age is not an excuse for political apathy. I now feel more conscious about the impact I can have on my community, regardless of its scale.”



Julian Viviescas | Lowell High School
Representing: Lowell, MA
Grade: 11th

“When you feel strongly about something, it is easier to communicate your message, and people in your community are more likely to respond to the message, because they see how much you care.”



Nikolas Roper | Colorado River Collegiate Academy
Representing: Bastrop, TX
Grade: 10th

“We can’t make change if we don’t participate. How can we participate if we aren’t educated? It all links together, which is why civics education and political participation are so important.”



Patricia Ducoudray | Rhode Island College
Representing: Providence, RI
Grade: College Freshman

It is important for our youth to not only understand politics, but to actively participate in it. We are the future generation and the decisions made by politicians today will affect not only our lives, but our children’s as well.”



Richard Nocon | Abraham Lincoln High School
Representing: San Francisco, CA
Grade: 9th

You can make a change no matter what. You don’t have to be the President of the United States or a government official. If I can make a change, then you can too.



Ruba Tariq | Brooklyn College
Representing: Brooklyn, NY
Grade: College Freshman
Major: Undeclared

“So many people are being treated unfairly everyday because they don’t know American laws and the value of their voice. I don’t want to suppress my voice. I want to speak up and tell people that their voice matters and that they can create change.”



Ryan Poston | Graduate of Southeast High School
Representing: Oklahoma City, OK
Future Plans: Political Science/Law degree
Currently: Volunteering with GC at former High School and working

“Political participation is important because there are leaders today who aren’t making any changes. It’s up to us to get someone who will.”



Generation Citizen will begin taking applications for the 2018-2019 Student Leadership Board in the Spring of 2018. 

"Today's youth are taking charge of civic engagement and if we are invested, we can make America's future much brighter. What we do now will affect what happens in the future." Rebeca - Malden, Massachusetts

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