A key component to our current demand-building work is building the field. Recognizing that Generation Citizen cannot do this on our own, we are working with other organizations to begin to build the greater action civics field.

In January 2015, GC organized a convening at the Ford Foundation entitled “Educating for Democracy.”

Educating for Democracy focused on specific ways to spark and tap the civic potential of all young people to address the current problems facing our American democracy, like polarization and inequality.

The convening focused on creating a “democracy education” field, defined as the discipline of teaching young people how and why to be politically and civically active by participating in and influencing institutions and exercising leadership and activism in their communities.

As a result of the convening, GC published a white paper entitled “Returning to our Roots- A Concept Paper on Youth Civic Engagement.” We are continuing our field building efforts through the following work:

  • Organizing and managing working groups dedicated to further developing aspects of the field (like research and evaluation, pedagogical practices, and policies)
  • Organizing follow-up convenings
  • Conducting asset-maps of the space
  • Engaging in extensive thought leadership with education and political leaders
  • Advocating for increased resources for democracy education