Published Work

In accordance with our field-building philosophy, we have begun to publish our insights on our work and proposals to move the field forward. Above all, we believe that educating young people to become active citizens needs to become a vital discipline, which all young people engage in.

We anticipate writing more reports distilling best practices moving forward. Our initial papers are below:

360 Civic Learning: A Toolkit for Supporting Youth Civic Engagement in Underserved Communities

A toolkit for those working in schools, communities, and political systems, with insights, principles, and strategies developed based on conversations with youth across the country and leaders of diverse youth-serving organizations.

1-Page Overview of the Toolkit

Action Civics in School Districts: Insights & Materials For Administrators

A report with insights and resources for school district leaders to use as they implement Action Civics district-wide

Through an Action Civics Lens

A resource for policymakers and civics education advocates across the country to help them introduce and advance state level Action Civics policy

Returning to our Roots: Educating for Democracy

A White Paper funded by the Ford Foundation

Action Civics in the US: Current Landscape and Rationale

A report outlining the empirical case for the importance of effective action civics education

360 Civic Learning: A Study of the Practices that Cultivate Civic Engagement Among Youth from Underserved Communities

A literature review evaluating outcomes of effective youth-serving initiatives, including 6 defined Effective Practices consistent through out the most effective programs for supporting youth civic development in historically underserved communities. 

Vote16USA: Young Voices at the Ballot Box

A Paper outlining the case for lowering the voting age in local elections, progress to date, and next steps in the effort

Civics Education: An International Analysis and Recommendations

A White Paper by Generation Citizen, with the help of Education Pioneer Fellow Meril Antony

Action Civics Landscape

A digital, interactive visualization of Action Civics and Action Civics-adjacent organizations

Education Paves the Road to Sustained Democracy

Educating for citizenship after the 2016 election. A White Paper by Generation Citizen

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