Published Work

We publish our insights on our work, including proposals to move the field forward.

360 Civic Learning: A Toolkit for Supporting Youth Civic Engagement in Underserved Communities

A toolkit for those working in schools, communities, and political systems, with insights, principles, and strategies developed based on conversations with youth across the country and leaders of diverse youth-serving organizations.

1-Page Overview of the Toolkit

Action Civics in School Districts: Insights & Materials For Administrators

A report with insights and resources for school district leaders to use as they implement Action Civics district-wide

Through an Action Civics Lens

A resource for policymakers and civics education advocates across the country to help them introduce and advance state level Action Civics policy

Returning to our Roots: Educating for Democracy

A White Paper funded by the Ford Foundation

Action Civics in the US: Current Landscape and Rationale

A report outlining the empirical case for the importance of effective action civics education

360 Civic Learning: A Study of the Practices that Cultivate Civic Engagement Among Youth from Underserved Communities

A literature review evaluating outcomes of effective youth-serving initiatives, including 6 defined Effective Practices consistent through out the most effective programs for supporting youth civic development in historically underserved communities. 

Ensuring Civic Readiness in a 21st Century Democracy: The Promise of Civic Diploma Seals

A white paper outlining the case for implementation of a Seal of Civic Readiness in New York.

Vote16USA: Young Voices at the Ballot Box

A white paper outlining the case for lowering the voting age in local elections, progress to date, and next steps in the effort.

Civics Education: An International Analysis and Recommendations

A white paper by Generation Citizen, with the help of Education Pioneer Fellow Meril Antony.

Action Civics Landscape

A digital, interactive visualization of Action Civics and Action Civics-adjacent organizations

Education Paves the Road to Sustained Democracy

Educating for citizenship after the 2016 election. A White Paper by Generation Citizen


Insights from the Massachusetts Policy Context