Angela is from Miami, FL and is a child of Peruvian immigrants. Having grown up surrounded by an incredibly diverse set of experiences, learning from difference was a critical part of her childhood and adolescence. Now, as a queer Latina, she advocates for the importance of equity and inclusion not only for herself, but for the students who see themselves in her. As such, Generation Citizen’s commitment to teaching skills for advocacy and action to all students is one that she is deeply connected to and passionate about.

Angela comes to Generation Citizen having graduated from Harvard College (’19) where she studied Anthropology with a minor Women and Gender Studies. Apart from her academic endeavors, Angela’s involvement in myriad student communities shaped her experiences as an undergraduate. Participation in peer mentoring, departmental pedagogical initiatives, and public service organizations gave her opportunities to contribute to those communities and to grow into her identities as a young adult. She credits her time interning for the Right Question Institute, an inquiry-based education non-profit, and her experiences as a summer school teacher in Cambridge with cementing her dedication to finding ways to improve K-12 education.

When she’s not working, Angela enjoys finding new music to listen to, cooking food that reminds her of home, and dreaming up new adventures to go on with her partner.

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