​Arielle developed a love for civic engagement early in life when her high school offered civic action opportunities inside and outside of the school day. She was personally empowered and realized the importance of youth voice but saw that many youth did not have access to these experiences and when they did were often marginalized from having real decision-making power. Arielle believes that our schools have a civic mission to fulfill to teach young people how to be life-long civic actors. Arielle is particularly excited to be part of Generation Citizen because of its dedication to high quality programming​​ and its voice in the national movement to see action-based civics in every classroom.

Arielle​has been working in the nonprofit and civic engagement field for ten years. She ​earned her master’s degree in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from The George Washington University with a minor in ​​human ​services. Early in Arielle’s career, she worked with nonprofits in Boston and Washington DC addressing issues of food insecurity, homelessness and ex-offender workforce re-entry. It was ​t​here she realized the importance of ​underrepresented voices taking ​political action ​to create long-term change around ​issues that affect them. She has since worked in ​K-12 ​schools and universities promoting youth voice and civic action ​both domestically and in the U.K.
When she is not working, Arielle enjoys walking her dog, playing soccer, listening to This American Life, and traveling​.

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