Bonnie first joined Generation Citizen in 2016 as a NYC Program Associate recruiting, training and supporting Democracy Coaches. She also contributed to curricular resources by co-creating and authoring a post-election 2-day lesson packaged entitled “Beyond the Ballot” to help equip and motivate students to stay involved after elections. Bonnie currently works as a Manager of National Program Development expanding Generation Citizen’s national programming through the creation and implementation of teacher professional development, curriculum updates, and supporting new partnerships for teacher-led and remote programming.

Bonnie first developed her passion for student action driven education programs while in college studying Secondary Education Social Sciences at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. (War Eagle!) Her studies focused on utilizing the social sciences to help students become analytical thinkers who apply their knowledge to participate proactively in their communities. Prior to GC, Bonnie spent 5 years as a public school teacher in Nashville, TN educating high school seniors in American Government and Politics and coaching students in mock national and international governments through Model United Nations and Youth in Government. Watching young adults develop their own world views and civic identities as well as discover their power and role in the political process was inspiring and a motivating factor for Bonnie in coming on board with GC.

In addition to her passion for civic engagement, Bonnie enjoys reading historical fiction, taking road trips, cooking pad thai, and drinking bubbly water. #Lacroix4Life. Bonnie works remotely from her hometown of Nashville, TN and frequently competes with her co-worker/dog Gracie for employee of the month.

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