Brad Hull’s professional experience extends from school administrator to college instructor, policy maker, national association manager, and education researcher. Dr. Hull was a leader at the Vermont Department of Education where he worked within the school systems to create and implement teacher professional development programs. Later as school administrator, he worked to develop career academies, incorporate higher-order thinking skills into the curriculum, and create a staff culture of continuous learning and collaborative support.

Dr. Hull served as the Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Staff at the National Association of State Boards of Education and as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the National Network of State Teachers of the Year. Most recently, he worked as Director of Education Services and Senior Policy Analyst for the Pennsylvania State Education Association where he advanced state-level education policy initiatives and created professional learning opportunities for PA educators with special focus on diversity and inclusion, social justice, LGBTQ+, and motivation techniques.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education Leadership, a Master’s degree in Music, a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies, a Bachelor of Music in piano, and a Bachelor of Arts in German Cultural Studies.

As part of both his personal and professional life, Dr. Hull has worked to advance social justice and inclusion for all people. His greatest passions include teaching, playing Chopin, working for the causes of social justice, and just about anything that involves beauty and creativity.