Our Curriculum

Generation Citizen’s action civics curriculum is the crux of our work and of both our Democracy Coach-led and teacher-led models.

The curriculum is action-based, aligned to relevant standards, and academically rigorous.

It has been published, has received recognition from the National Council of Social Studies, and has been iterated over time with the support of GC staff, teachers, volunteers, and consultants.

Over the course of GC’s in-class program, students choose an issue they care about, develop a focused, strategic plan to address the issue, take real action, and then reflect on their successes, challenges, and plans moving forward.

Each semester culminates in a Civics Day, in which student representatives from classes in each city present their plans to other students, community members, and public officials, celebrating their work and gaining feedback to further their efforts. Civics Day is a chance for students to explore ways to continue their civic engagement after the end of the program. In the past, we have had governors, mayors, members of Congress, and other politicians as keynote speakers on Civics Day.

Our curriculum framework