Where we work

Since 2008, Generation Citizen has grown to run its action civics programming in four sites across the country, is currently expanding to Central Texas and Oklahoma City, and has partnered with organizations both nationally and internationally on related projects.

Our current action civics hubs are:

The bulk of our work occurs in the sites where we have staff on the ground. We have been excited by the recent interest, though, both domestically, and around the world, in action civics. We have offered technical expertise and provided curriculum to several remote partners in recent years; including our newest remote locations in San Diego, CA and Camden, NJ. For these partnerships, it is important to us that the pilots are community-driven, and that GC is brought in with significant existing community buy-in.

Current international remote collaboration includes work in:


The DILA program (http://www.betterworldtoday.org/the-dila-program/) builds from GC’s curriculum and runs action civics programming in schools throughout Ottawa.


The ChangeX (http://www.changex.org/) platform offers Irish educators and changemakers access to proven innovations, including the GC model, which can be implemented locally to drive community improvement.


Students at The Millennium University College in Islamabad are starting a GC program of their own, arising from their participation in a summer action civics course led by a former NYC Democracy Coach.

Our is reach is expanding.

We are focused on expanding in both lesser-resourced urban and rural areas to demonstrate that Action Civics is a discipline that can be relevant in all school settings and places with diverse political representation. We will learn from our expansion and develop the methods to serve partners remotely.

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