A democracy only works when all of its citizens’ voices are represented and valued in the decision-making process. For a variety of reasons, this is not currently happening in the United States of America. Generation Citizen, as an organization and future movement, exists largely to ensure that the voices historically marginalized in our democracy are heard and valued. In doing so, we are attempting to play a role in creating a more perfect union.

As an organization committed to bettering our democracy through active citizen participation, Generation Citizen aims to instill in young people the fundamental skills to collaborate, challenge, and support peers, individuals, institutions, and communities who have diverse opinions, perspectives, and experiences. This commitment to democratic renewal necessitates an organization-wide focus on diversity – we cannot expect young people to engage effectively with individuals different from themselves if we do not do so ourselves. Therefore, Generation Citizen is committed to building a team – including its staff, boards, college volunteers and school and organizational partners – which models diversity and presents a diversity of lived experience. GC, as an organization, should model the improved democracy we are helping our young people to create.

Supporting the young people we serve and our team in engaging effectively with diverse stakeholders and peers will require a combination of formal, intentional training and lived experiences. A wide range of perspectives is both essential to our work and instrumental in driving progress towards our organizational vision. We are committed to building a Generation Citizen community that is diverse across many dimensions, including race, sex, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, socioeconomic status, religion, political opinion, education, age and professional experience and aspirations. We believe that by modeling this diversity in our community, we will contribute to building a democracy in which all citizens participate fully in difficult conversations and take action where it is urgently needed.

We recognize that we have much work still to do as an organization to achieve the vision outlined in this statement. We are committed to continually being transparent about our progress and taking concrete action to move us forward towards our goals.