Generation Citizen’s ultimate mission is to ensure that every young person in this country receives an effective action civics education. To that end, we have begun to explore the possibility and efficacy of lowering the voting age in local elections.

We feel that this shift would spur a conversation on the importance of youth political participation, and if cities were to lower their voting age, schools would be more motivated to teach action civics as current students could actually participate.

Generation Citizen has determined that significant energy exists for movements to lower the voting age in diverse municipalities in the United States. Young people, policy-makers, and citizens are hungry for innovative proposals to awaken our increasingly fragmented democracy, and lowering the voting age seems to be one such proposal.

Vote16USA has progressed steadily since its launch in December 2015. We established a Youth Advisory Board for the effort, led and supported ballot measure campaigns in California, and brought the idea to the public through earned media coverage in over 75 different outlets, including major publications like the New York Times. Ensuring the movement remains youth-led as we head into 2017, we believe that we can continue to launch specific municipal efforts, carry out awareness campaigns, and educate key influencers about the policy. The timing is ripe to build on our progress and advance a cohesive movement to reinvigorate our democracy by extending voting rights to 16- and 17-year-olds for local elections.

Media Highlights:

Check out our dedicated Vote16USA site and a paper we penned on the subject, which includes extensive legal research.

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